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Showshannah Ministries International is an end time non-denominational prophetic ministry, flowing on the cutting edge of the present apostolic and prophetic move of God.

Showshannah Ministries International's  "passion" for the  things of God will spark a fire in you, your family and your church/congregation.

 Showshannah Ministries International  flows in prophetic preaching and revelation, providing insight into the parameters of the Spirit.

Showshannah Ministries International
 believes that it is time to "sound the trumpet" in these last days of prophecy, proclaiming the time is short and the hour is late, as we must get into our God given destiny. 

Showshannah Ministries International
 is dedicated and committed to releasing and equipping the Army Of God into works of service for the Kingdom Of God. 

Showshannah Ministries International has a strong mandate from God to equip leaders in the Body Of Christ; training them for service,
launching them into their God given calling

Showshannah Ministries International has a "passion" to teach and train God's people to recognize and identify God's voice for themselves.

Showshannah Ministries International's desire is to bring "revival Holy
Spirit fire" into the hearts of people throughout the world.

Showshannah Ministries International has a mandate from God to bring His people into His presence; into a deeper revelation and experience of
His love.

Ann D. Finkelman

Ann is an ordained minister. 
She attests to the fact as God's Word is proclaimed, 
He confirms His word with signs following. 

Ann releases the prophetic word of God with accuracy, causing the atmosphere to be charged with the "very presence of the Lord."  She is a  proven prophetic voice, with a powerful anointing, preaching and teaching fresh revelation, with the demonstration of the Holy Spirit in manifestation.

She is a gifted teacher, teaching and preaching
  God's word with fire, power, and "passion,"
 as God unfolds "fresh revelation"  from His Word.

It is her desire to minister to the brokenhearted, hurting, rejected, and abused, bringing total restoration through God's power. 

She is known to operate in all nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and is 
strongly gifted in the Word of Knowledge, The Gift of Discerning of Spirits, Biblical Interpretation of Dreams and Visions, as well as Prophecy.

She believes that "miracles" still happen today, as she has had several in 
her own life, one out-of-body experience in a near drowning accident in which God "supernaturally" rescued her.


Ann is available to minister for your congregation, church event, 
seminar, bible college, or any "event" in the service of God.

For Information Please Contact Our Office

Ann is the Executive Producer and
Host of the Television Program entitled
 "Liquid Fire ©"

Showshannah Ministries International 
Television Network© 

Currently broadcasting throughout the nations of the world

Ann is the Founder and President of 

Showshannah Ministries International ©

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Showshannah Ministries International
Television Network

Showshannah Rose Radio Program ©

Showshannah Rose Radio Program”
Hosted By: Ann D. Finkelman

Prophetic Preaching And Teaching The Unadulterated Word Of God

Unadulterated Meaning (Dictionary)
Not Mixed Or Diluted With Any Different Or Extra Elements;
Complete And Absolute, Pure, Virgin, Untouched, Absolute, Solid


Soon To Be Released
Ann's First New Book

(Title To Be Announced)

A Daily  Devotional 

Inspirational, Uplifting, Edifying

Exhortation, Edification and Comfort;
Embracing Spiritual Enrichment and Fulfillment 

By:  Ann D. Finkelman

Written from God's heart to Your heart
designed to touch the heart of the reader;

Each day connects the possessor to
the Lord in a "most intimate way"

 Will Be Available In Bookstores




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